Cooper Tones


and industrial notes

The Cooper Tones project is a 100 square meter apartment located in the Edeldorf Residential House. The kitchen area uses copper, a material traditionally associated with Provence. Modern technology has breathed a second life into it. And now this warm material is used not only in dishes and lamps but also in facades and kitchen countertops. Bright copper sets off and complements the blue fabric of the sofa group. The boundaries of the space are formed by raw concrete walls and wooden floors.


Natural oasis

in a concrete jungle

The textured slats of the wall panels, combined with the green trim of the bed, create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. There is nothing superfluous in this space. A small mirror and a laconic make-up table that acts as a bedside table complete the look.

Maximum light,

minimum detail

Functional minimalism of the nursery: carefully thought out space optimization; straight, laconic forms and light muted tones, designed to create conditions for the harmonious growth of the little owner of this room.


Functionality in each element

The unobtrusive pattern of the bathroom goes well with the light wood of the technical cabinet. A washing machine, a boiler, and a compartment for household chemicals are compactly located behind the high facade.



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