Reliability and comfort

The sales department is the face of the company, and the first impression created significantly influences the decision to buy real estate in this particular residential complex. The feeling of financial stability and reliability of the developer are important factors for owners of future apartments. But since this is a sales office of a residential complex, the atmosphere in it should be cozy, convey the philosophy of comfortable housing and high quality of life. To create a harmonious combination of reliability and comfort in the sales department of Edelweiss Residential House — this was the task of the LAB181 team.


Natural motives and the atmosphere of the Alps 

Inspired by the name of the Edelweiss residential complex, we have chosen natural motives and fusion style for the project implementation. The holly, star-shaped flower of the Alps has been recreated in many interior details: in the company logo decorating the reception, in textile branding, furniture legs, and wall decor. Mountain freshness and spaciousness are conveyed in the interior by means of colors. The white floor symbolizes the snow-capped peaks; green columns with living plants — wooded mountain slopes; the shades of the walls and ceiling are associated with the blue endless sky.

Efficient use of space

In just 4 months we have come a long way from design to implementation. We are proud of this project because on a small area of ​​140 m2 an open space area with workplaces for 10 employees, 2 meeting rooms, a children's play area, a reception, and an area for VR presentations has been organized.


Business-class quality

Despite the increased functional load, the office turned out to be spacious and not overloaded with unnecessary details. “The quality can only be of the highest level that we know the price for” — every element of the Edelweiss House business-class apartment sales department is created in support of this principle.



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