F Point

Creating a space that meets potential business needs

Business events, meetings of top management, conferences and seminars. What they have in common? The visitors. Typically, guests of such events live to the maximum, do not recognize the limits and restrictions and are used to perfectionism in everything. Creating a space that would meet all the whims of demanding visitors. Developing a design of a room for holding events and conferences of various levels and scales. All this about our new project "F Point". This spacious chalet is located in a forest park area and is designed for a large number of people. 


Stylish while at the same time discreet and business design

When discussing a future project with our customer, we determined the main vectors that will be emphasized in the design. Thus, a large amount of natural light and a sufficient number of halls for holding several events at the same time became the key conditions of the client. Modern design should look stylish, but still be discreet and business-like. 

Panoramic windows, lounge-zone, restaurant and parking

The best solution for F Point's design became the large panoramic windows that fill the room with soft sunlight. In addition, we have carried out work on ventilation, sound insulation, musical accompaniment. Large-scale events with a lot of people need it the most. F Point includes a restaurant, lobby, lounge area and car parking.



For target audience

We are proud of this project level, because we understand that every detail was important for our client. The spacious chalet will host events of various scales, which purpose is to impress the visitor. To impress, first and foremost, with the design of the location not only guests, but also customers and organizers. 



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