Forest Food

Peace through harmony

Enjoying gourmet meals with friends, family or business partners. Admiring the views of nature around. Feeling the true peace of mind and moment of happiness. Today, all of these are possible at Forest Food Restaurant, a luxurious establishment located on the territory of a suburban complex and designed by the Lab181 team.


Cooperation with restaurateurs

The creation of institutions of such a level constantly unites only one thing -  the cooperation of designers, customers and restaurateurs. Only taking into account and complementing each other's ideas and views, it is possible to create a place, a large number of visitors will want to attend and spend time at. When discussing the project, we decided to keep focus on creating a modern place for weekend getaways and regular business communication after having meetings in the suburban complex.

Integrity of sensations

Working on the Forest Food project, we decided to use our design to tell the guests about the philosophy of this institution. The most important thing was that the atmosphere and cuisine of the restaurant mutually complement each other, giving the guests a general pleasant experience. It is known that spending time by the water awakens the appetite, and the feeling of comfort only complements the relaxation. The combination of good cuisine and modern design is the key to success of any institution located outside the city. This became our priority during the work. 


Taste of life

We are proud of the Forest Food restaurant design, as this project was born by the intersection of a collaboration between restaurateurs and the Lab181 team. Together we have created a place that will give all visitors a special taste of the real quality life.



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