Beauty salon

La Chica

Creating a beauty salon you want to return to

Transforming the basement floor into a fashionable beauty salon, where every visitor can relax body and soul, is not an easy task. The clients of the beauty salon are mostly long-term regulars. Therefore, it is important to create a pleasant atmosphere where you would like to come again and again and invite your friends. In order to create a harmonious and sophisticated design, it was important for our team to take into account all the features of the building and the atmosphere of the central area of ​​the city. Salon La Chica is located in Kiev and occupies 85 square meters.


Carrying out professional renovation works

While discussing the future design, our client drew attention to the fact that it is necessary to replace all the facilities that were in the house, because they were in critical condition. In addition, it was necessary to create a bright but discreet facade. Lab 181 faced a task of creating a design that would fully comply with the planning of the building and meet all the requirements of a beauty salon.


Efficient space usage

For our new project, we have developed a design that makes a large number of professional equipment seem invisible, and also worked on lighting, ventilation, heating and musical accompaniment for the full relaxation and satisfaction. 


Implementation of the client requirements

The Lab181 team managed to accomplish the project in the contemporary style. Taking into account the needs of the client along with his tastes, we created a design that would be able to meet the requirements of any potential visitors of LaChica. In addition, each square meter of the beauty salon is some sort of photo zone where you can take a wonderful selfie and show off your photo on social media. 



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