Project Team: Andriy Nagorniy, Vladimir Chubenko

Location: Edeldorf Residential House, Kyiv, Ukraine

Area (sq.m.): 120

Status: in progress

Creating a monochrome style is not easy to make it deep and cozy. The magic of different lighting modes helps to breathe life into an interior. 

Glossy facades are bringing shadows on the walls, while decorative plasterwork with velvet effect soothes and adds lightness. Elegant black marble visually increases the space, revealing the magic and grace of the interior.

When the bedroom not saturated with details, it is easy to distract from the daily bustle. Walls and facades made of the same material, thanks to this solution, dressing cabinets lose their unwieldiness. A soft carpet, a comfortable chair, and a floor lamp with dim light will help to plunge into a peaceful environment. 


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