Project Team: Anna Romanova, Dasha Galayda

Location: Kyiv Region, Ukraine

Area (sq.m.): 180

Status: in progress

A cozy townhouse with a beautiful territory of the residential community "Viland Home"

A spacious living room combined with a kitchen, two bathrooms, large master bedroom with a dressing room, as well as a children's room for two kids. 

The first floor of the house is practically a common area where the light from the windows smoothly fills the room, except for the household block and bathroom. All the rooms have no partitions and doors, which is visually expands the space, and the house feels much lighter.


On the second floor, there are a large bathroom and private rooms for family members. Each family member has plenty of space for both storage of personal belongings in dressing rooms and an area for privacy, work, study, and rest.


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