Viland home 2

Focus on freedom of space

Viland Home-2 is a 180 m2 townhouse in the Kyiv region. The customer set the task to focus on the efficient use of space, to create a spacious and comfortable country house for a family of 4 people. And we succeeded, we know how to find a compromise between desires, ideas, and possibilities.

40000 (6).jpg

Light colors, rich textures,

and panoramic windows

TThis interior is designed to fill the owners' lives with comfort and beauty. The combination of light tones and rich textures refreshes the space and creates a sense of spaciousness. The infinitely soft sofa and light zoning contribute to a state of relaxation. Large panoramic windows are always a plus for the interior of a country house.

Wood, terracotta and greenery in the decoration of the bedroom

Wide, comfortable bed; mirror panels; wood, terracotta and greenery in decoration, nude, unobtrusive textiles — an interior that invigorates in the morning and relaxes after a hard day.

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Metal, wood, and dark gloss — a new look for the bathroom interior

Light plumbing looks especially advantageous in contrast to dark walls. The combination of metal and glossy surfaces is a great alternative to boring ceramic tiles. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Color and texture combinations, space zoning, and ultramodern plumbing. The marble in the shower room and the woodwork on the walls are aesthetics at its best.



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